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About the Argumentation Tool

Cicero is a web-based tool which supports asynchronous discussions between several participants. This social software application is based on the idea of Issue Based Information Systems (IBIS) and the DILIGENT argumentation framework. The DILIGENT argumentation framework was adapted for Cicero in order to make it easier applicable on discussions and in order to reduce the learning effort by users.

The discussions in Cicero are organized in projects. It is possible to have different property values and access rights for the different projects. Thus, projects are really independent of each other. More details about how to create a project and define its properties and access rights is available in the Section about Discussion Projects.

In Cicero, a discussion starts with the issue that should be discussed. For this issue, several solutions can be proposed. The solutions proposals can then be discussed with the help of supporting or objecting arguments. Furthermore, Cicero also defines a workflow for coming to a decision. For this purpose, it offers different decision procedures like preferential voting or that a responsible person is allowed for making decisions. More details about the discussion and decision process is available in the Section about Issue Pages.

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