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In the following, two examples will be given how discussions of the glossary may look like:

  1. Proposing the inclusion of new activities If one wants to discuss whether a new activity should be included into the glossary one has to describe the issue first (e.g. "We need a better coverage of activities related to ontology maintenance ..."). Before creating a new issue, one should check whether a relevant issue not already exists. In either case, one can then reply to the issue and submit concrete solution proposals. In then example above, a solution proposal may be the actual description of a missing activity. The solution proposal may then be discussed together with other people by giving supporting or objecting arguments (e.g. an example of an ontology maintenance workflow may be given where this activity is relevant).
  2. Changing the description of an already existing activity In this case, one may start with looking for the discussion where the activity was originally proposed. Once found, one can then extend the existing discussion and propose a new solution for describing the activity. If no relevant discussion can be found, one may also create a new issue (e.g. "In the glossary, many very similar activities exist that should be marked as synonyms of each other") to which again solution proposals and arguments can be submitted.
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