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Cicero is a web-based tool which was developed by the WeST Institute of the University Koblenz-Landau during the NeOn Project. Cicero supports asynchronous discussions between several participants. This social software application is based on the idea of Issue Based Information Systems (IBIS) and the DILIGENT argumentation framework. The DILIGENT argumentation framework was adapted for Cicero in order to make it easier applicable on discussions and in order to reduce the learning effort by users. More details about Cicero are available in the online help of Cicero as well as on the Cicero homepage of the WeST Institute where also scientific publications about Cicero and DILIGENT are available.

Cicero is available under the GNU General Public License. It is freely available for Download. Installation instructions are available in the installation and configuration section of the online help.

Integration with Other Tools

Cicero is also integrated into the NeOn Toolkit by means of a plugin. It supports the collaborative development of OWL ontologies. The NeOn Toolkit is an ontology editor which is being developed in the context of the NeOn Project. The plugin can be downloaded from The page also contains the user documentation for the plugin and a general introduction how it can be of use during developing an ontology.

Demo Access to Cicero

The functionality of Cicero can also be tested without installing the tool on your own server. Just use the Testproject:

  • In the Testproject you are welcome to play around and discover the functionality offered in Cicero. This includes - among other things - the creation of issues, the participation in discussions and the voting about solution proposals. Login with the different user accounts listed on the overview page of the Testproject.

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