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Welcome to NeOn Glossary of Processes and Activities

Dear colleagues,

within the NeOn project we built a glossary of processes and activities that are involved in the construction of ontology networks. We are now interested in obtaining feedback from the Ontology Engineering (OE) community (i.e. you) about the already existing descriptions and about potentially missing activities. The long term goal is to have a more complete and consensually agreed glossary which could become the terminological reference in the Ontology Engineering field.

For collecting the feedback, this discussion project was created within the Cicero argumentation tool. In Cicero, discussions are grouped by the issues that should be solved. A list of already existing issues is available below on this page. The Recent Issues box shows the 10 most recent issues while a complete list is available with the List Issues link. More information on how to use Cicero is available in the Quick Start Guide as well as on the page with discussion examples.

A list of all processes and activities already defined in the NeOn glossary is available on the page with Glossary Definitions. Those definitions may be linked from within the discussions by using Wiki markup.

For further information please visit

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