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Created on: 2008-11-06 16:34:57
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In the life cycle of ontology engineering process, it is crucial to distinguish clearly between a 'planning activity' phase of ontology engineering and then realizing the execution of the planning phase in terms a 'scheduling activity'.

For instance in the planning activity phase, an ontology engineer may first come up with a detailed plan that describes different 'sequence of activities' that must be performed in order for engineering an ontology. For example, activity 1. Perform requirement analysis to realize what is expected from the ontology, activity 2. Create a functional specification documentation describing rigorously requested behaviour of ontology, activity 3. Subscribing to appropriate methodology to develop an ontology, activity 4. Perform knowledge elicitation, activity 5. Formalize elicited knowledge etc.

Similarly the scheduling activity in the ontology engineering process may provide a more detailed description about how each step described at the planning stage can be executed by making use of appropriate set of resources and in a specific time range such that the overall the ontology development project completes in a given time and also by utilizing available resources correctly.

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It is not clear to me the different you mentioned between Scheduling and Planning.

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